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Community Centers Brown Girls Mentoring

And with that, we’re wrapped on shooting this month! We had eight portrait shoots today, a full slate. My team and I had high hopes, at least we thought we did, but we’ve been blown away by the outpour of support. Everyone who signed up was a blast to have in the studio. Thank you to Mars and back for contributing to the cause. On a special note, my team and I really appreciate you guys abiding by our Covid protocols and helping maintain a safe environment.

We had individuals from all walks of life. We laughed, we danced, and we even sang. Each client was so fun to work with and, while I think my finest work is still to come, it's not crazy to think some shots from this month will have Pulitzer consideration.

We set out this month to raise funds for Brown Girls Mentoring and to #AmplifyBlackVoices. In a few ways, we've been successful in those endeavors, but far more importantly, it's become even more clear how this is a path to walk for life, and we have much more work to do. I have to reiterate that if we want to enact meaningful change, we have to acknowledge, center and celebrate the Black Community 365, not just in February. Read that again. Carry that same energy from March through January.

Thank you to Jamie Blunt for who fostered this cause and has stood as an unwavering pillar for Brown Girls Mentoring. She has a team I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, but they’re important, and this post would be incomplete without shouting out all those amazing people directly involved with Brown Girls Mentoring: you all are doing the damn thing.

Thank you Lisa McLymont, Letha Pugh, Vivian Edoja, and Joey Holbert for helping me raise awareness about this cause. You’re all timeless souls, and it’s been my pleasure to bask in your light and attempt to capture it on film. Please, please, please [re]visit their blog posts and learn about each one. I'm in awe of all of them, and I know you will be too once you check them out!

Thank you to Midwest Photo for contributing the lighting arrangement pro bono and to Columbus Film Lab for developing the film gratis. And to my two assistants, Tom Lotozo and Michael Griffith, both of you guys helped me realize the vision and were of huge help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have shared posts this month and help spread awareness.

And so, without further ado, here are the stats. (DRUM ROLL)

-22 kind souls signed up for portraits

-$2,135 raised for Brown Girls Mentoring

I'm speechless y'all.

We talked to Jaime about how they think they could use the funds and she told us, "I’m thinking we may use it for our welcome back/open house when the girls come back from summer break! We normally do game snacks and we serve over 100 people during this time of open house I could really see us using it towards promo for the event as well as some cool things such as wristbands towards our T-shirts and however far it can go!"

My heart is FULL, and I'm so grateful to everyone who helped and participated.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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