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Living Memories: Albums, Canvas Wraps, and Prints

Last month, I worked with a couple on planning a surprise-wedding-album date night! What better way to spend time than going over moments of your special day with your special person? We pulled out the wine and horderves (oui, hors d’eouvres) and talked options. And that’s what the night was about: finding a way to memorialize an important event in their lives so they could relive it whenever they so choose.

These albums, canvas wraps, and prints are just that: living memories. These times don’t last forever; soon your family will be turning the pages on the present and opening up new chapters. Let’s capture them in the here and now, so looking back you can see them as they were.

Amanda and Autumn's Wedding Album

These products themselves are art, not to mention heirlooms. Photo albums last generations. These items are not just about framing the moments that have shaped us, they’re also about shaping those who weren’t there. Future generations will adore these glimpses into the past.

Customized Albums

Can you see your engagement photos hanging on the wall? Is there a spot on your coffee table for your customized wedding album? Or maybe you have senior portraits of your not-so-little baby walking into adulthood you want to put up. I want to be with you from behind the lens to printing and beyond. I use a professional company with amazing customer service (shout out Millers Lab)!

Let’s schedule a time for you to come in and discuss what that looks like, then we can get technical. Wooohooo!

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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