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Engagement/Senior/Portrait Sessions…. Let’s Make it Art!

Over the past year, my team and I have been working hard to enhance the overall portrait experience for our clients. We made the decision to not only capture important moments but also with displaying their moments and make their portrait shoot into art. We want to take a moment to share the results and hope to continue to provide a joyful seamless experience.

Look At What We did!

By taking the time to help our clients with the placement and selection of their favorite images, we were able to offer a personalized touch that helps set us apart from others in the industry.

We hope that this level of involvement demonstrates our expertise and commitment to ensuring that our clients' memories are not only captured beautifully but also showcased in a way that brings them joy every day.

So What is Next?

Let the team take it a step further for you. We know that once you get your art printed, framed, and delivered the next and final step can be daunting….. it’s time to hang. We are now extending our services to include the actual hanging of your art! Our hope is that the team will be relieving (hopefully) the burden and potential stress of tackling that task yourself.

Check Out Our Process So Far

We are excited to share with you how well our process of designing and delivering prints is going.! It's been around a year since we started working with clients to curate memories that could live on their walls. We asked our AMAZING clients for their feedback on the process from design to delivery, and we were thrilled to hear that it's been well received! Scroll through below to check it out!

The Good Stuff…. Feedback

Courtney and AJ: “As always, working with Emma was amazing. We had a large wall in our home that we struggled to fill. We felt that our newborn family photos would be a perfect fit for the wall but were unsure which pictures to print and how to display them well. Emma did a great job designing options and collaborating on what pictures we wanted and how we wanted them displayed. The design software that Emma and her team used was very helpful when selecting pictures, frame sizes, and overall placement. It was great to visually see the design options before making a final decision!”

Tamara: (Sent to my mother-in-law……Who loves me.) “Your daughter-in-law is amazing!! Look at what she did. She is amazing. I got up early before everyone else, so I could sit in the quiet house with my coffee and look at the pictures. Just amazing how the lines match up from canvas to canvas even with the gaps between each canvas. I am in awe!! And comments were already made with how crystal clear and vibrant the images/colors are on the canvas. Such great quality!”

Just For Fun…. More Happy Clients

Erin: "Emma is such a gifted individual. Not only is her photography incredible, but she is also such a fun and genuine person. Her new model of encouraging clients to print their photos is such a breath of fresh air. She encourages her clients to see her photography as art - which it really is - so if you think about it that way, you would pay a bit more for art that you really love and that is personal to you! The entire process was great - from the intro meeting to her looking at the space. She personalizes the experience for you to make sure you get what you want - the photography session is just a fun bonus :) She is a gifted photographer and an amazing person. It's a joy to get to work with her!"

Mollie & Kelly: "My family has been lucky to have our photos taken by Emma over the past few years. Those that have met Emma know that her energy is infectious, excited for the moment, and ready to capture laughter and love with the click of her camera. Emma’s warmth, professionalism, and outstanding work keep us coming back, building our wall with memories, year after year. We appreciate Emma and her team!"

We hope this post helps you get a better sense of our process, and shows you how meaningful it is to have your memories printed. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography

For more information, please contact Emma at

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