Wedding Photography


I count my blessings that countless people have chosen me when their live's milestones are met. Photographing someone on their wedding day and capturing those little moments that every photographer loves.Because of each of them, I am able to do what I love. I eat, sleep and breathe photography. I am never complacent and constantly yearn for and seek new techniques that will push myself to better my craft. 

They tell it like it is..

“I cannot say enough great things about Emma. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their wedding photographer!! Our wedding was a couple weeks ago and my friends and family will not stop talking about how much they love her and how amazing the photos are. And she just continues to be more and more awesome, just last night she dropped off our USB drive with a couple presents to thank us for having her as our photographer! She has an energy and personality that just added so much to our wedding day. I always looked forward to our meetings leading up to the wedding day, she really listened to what we wanted. She gets everyone laughing so all the photos look great. I loved the "sneak peek" she put on facebook that day and it was great getting the final product so quickly. Emma becomes so much more than just a wedding photographer, she becomes a big addition to your special day! I would highly recommend her to anyone.”​


Jennifer Flood, Client

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