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Isabella Bonello combines Italian and Filipino traditions with Three Bites Bakery

There's something so charming about walking into a local bakery and having a meaningful exchange with a real person. When you know you're money's going to support the tangible group of people before you, it helps restore a sense of community. Shopping locally can turn strangers into neighbors and even friends. For our next women’s spotlight, we had the privilege to sit down with Isabella Bonello and learn about her journey to owning her own bakery.

At Three Bites Bakery, Bonello embraces both Italian and Filipino traditions, creating a nostalgic feel and unique pastries. Located in the King-Lincoln Bronzeville area at 999 Mt Vernon Ave, Three Bites is a quick stop for some delicious goodies in central Columbus.

Bonello's Filipino and Italian upbringing influences her decisions on the menu items. Some of the most popular pastries at the bakery are bombolone, lemon and almond cake, ube pandesal, and leche flan cake. She goes on, “my dad, who’s Italian, was the one who would cook all the time and would bake as well so I get to explore a lot of very nostalgic flavors in pastries.”

The bakery has been a good opportunity for Bonello to explore Filipino dessert traditions since her family didn’t eat it much growing up, “It has been really cool exploring Filipino pastry because while I grew up eating a lot of Filipino food, my grandmother didn’t bake a lot. It’s been a really interesting way to connect to that side of my Filipino culture," she told us.

I think that really shines through in all her treats, savory or sweet. In the delicious experiments, there's always a tinge of nostalgia, a small peak into her Filipino-Italian heritage, and it leaves you with a warm feeling. I've definitely found my new spot in Three Bites Bakery!

Three Bites Bakery is open 8 AM-2 PM Wednesday-Sunday weekly. There’s certainly something for everyone, and yes--these are just as good as they look!!

All photos & videos are taken by Emma Parker Photography

For more information, please contact Emma at

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