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Let's Get Technical: Canvas Wraps

The Birth of Venus, Whistler’s Mother, Girl with Pearl Earring, an Emma Parker Canvas wrap—all in the same quality, honestly. If you’re looking to hang something on the wall, why not images of a loved one. These canvas wraps will age beautifully and can be passed on like fine art. Reports still indicate the Mona Lisa was actually a hand-wrapped, Miller's Lab Canvas wrap (unsubstantiated).

Maybe the art you'll hang is a special moment between generations (Grandma Gets Her First Look), or maybe it's your senior's portrait, but everyone has beauty in their lives that would look amazing on their wall.

We offer custom 2.5-inch width canvases in various dimensions: 16X20, 16X24, 24X24 (a personal favorite), and the regal 24X36 are all the ones pictured above me. But our only limits are your imagination.

After your photo session is over this is a celebration! We can gather in my studio and look over the images with your loved ones and imagine how they’d look and feel. Would one look better cropped this way or that? Do we offer a bigger size? Maybe a smaller? Of course. Just because these artworks last over 100 years, we’ll make it easy to be produce something you’ll be proud of. We’ll walk you through the entire process. So let’s get a time on the books where we can get technical and discuss how your art will look on your walls.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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