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Letha Pugh, Entrepreneur and Dreamer

As the Brooklyn-based educator and author, Cornelius Minor said, "It is not how do we return to normal, but how do we return to better?" We can only do this by amplifying, centering, and celebrating our Black Community 365 days a year. #CenteringBlackVoices This is how we enact meaningful change, together, as one.

We have reached out to local Black creatives who we feel everyone should know. This month we will be using our platform to highlight their art, stories, beauty, and voices. These individuals are business owners who are killing it, artists (check out our recent blog post featuring Lisa McLymont) spreading rad messages, and lawmakers fighting for change.

Chances are, your paths might have already crossed with Bake Me Happy. Whether you were scarfing down a Brown Sugar Cinnamon #glutenfree PopTart *it's as amazing as it sounds* or read about them recently in the News, owners Letha Pugh and wife, Wendy Pugh are a force to be reckoned with. I had the privilege of having them into the studio earlier this week, and Letha is next up as one of our inspiring Black entrepreneurs.

Letha Pugh is an entrepreneur and a dreamer. She and her wife, Wendy, are constantly striving for ways to connect with the community and deliver an exceptional product that reaches “us” humans who struggle with eating gluten (recently, I was told by my skin doctor that I should look into a more gluten-free diet)... I’m a sweets girl, so places like Bake Me Happy can keep a smile on my face while knowing this won’t be an easy road. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their delicious treats, then feel free to stop by their Dublin Location in the North Market (which is apparently killing it) or swing by Merion Village.

It always warms the heart when we can combine acts of giving through acts of influence. When I spoke with Letha on the phone last week, she didn't blink an eye when scheduling a time to come in and let us snag a photo of her, the family and chat about our fundraiser for Brown Girls Mentoring.

Images pulled from Bake Me Happy website

The sign-up link is now live! We’ll be offering 30-minute portrait sessions for 150 dollars, 50% of which will be going to Brown Girls Mentoring. If you can't make it this month for your professional portrait, consider donating directly to their cause on their website.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography except those of Lisa's artwork grabbed from her website.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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