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The Trans Visibility Project Goes International

The Trans Visibility Project Goes International

I’m wishing a happy Pride to ALL of the souls out there but especially my LGBTQIA2S+ community and every beautiful human who falls underneath the colorful rainbow of their choice. We're not leaving anyone out. This month is always so special to me and our community. As we march for equality, we must stand up for our Trans family who is continuously fighting for basic human rights.

The Trans Visibility Project is about welcoming one of the most marginalized communities and making them VISIBLE. This is all about #TransVisibility. #TransRights are so much more than just bathrooms and pronouns–they are human rights. It’s so important that they have a platform to tell their story and that we listen.

It is my hope we can keep moving forward and affect more meaningful changes each and every day. I am excited to announce that The Trans Visibility project is going international this year as I travel to Iceland and Ireland. I can’t wait to meet and capture even more beautiful humans!

What Have We Accomplished?

Over the past few years, we have had some amazing people in the studio, learning their stories and shooting their portraits. We’ve made some magic. It’s been such a humbling experience to work with these beautiful individuals. Each of them has such a profound story that deserves to be heard by the world!

Let us share the accomplishments that this beautiful group of people and their Trans Visibility Project have made so far.

  • The Trans Visibility Gallery

We’re going to need a…….. *drumroll* The Trans Visibility Gallery!!! This two-day SOLD-OUT gallery was a success because of the community coming together. Through donations, community support, and Emma Parker Photography we were able to raise money for our beautiful participants and create a space where everyone felt seen, loved, and heard. Check out our recap of The Trans Visibility project on our blog and in this video.

Scroll to see a few of the highlights below!

  • Dale E. Heydlauff Community Arts Innovation Award

In 2022, The Trans Visibility Project and Emma Parker were awarded the Dale E. Heydlauff Community Arts Innovation award to financially support the mission of the project. Here you can read about the Dale E. Heydlauff Community Arts Innovation Award.

  • 2022 Stonewall Columbus Leaders of Pride

In 2022 The Trans Visibility Project and Emma Parker Photography received the 2022 Stonewall Columbus Leaders of Pride award. This was in recognition of the Project’s work in “welcoming one of the most marginalized communities and making them VISIBLE.”

The Stonewall Columbus Leader(s) of Pride recognition acknowledges an individual, or individuals, who use their voice(s) to speak up and out—boldly and loudly in support of members of the LGBTQ+ community in Columbus, Ohio, and beyond. Nominees must have somehow inspired some form of collective action in or around the Central Ohio LGBTQ+ community.

Stonewall affirmed that “This is all about #TransVisibility”!

Where Have We Been?

The Trans Visibility Project has been blessed with amazing people from many different communities. Emma Parker has traveled all over Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, and Atlanta, Georgia. Check out some of the magnificence and beauty captured!

Where Are We Going Next?

Our hope is to continue spreading awareness about the Trans/Non-binary/Gender Expansive community. We want to do this not only nationally but worldwide. This summer Emma Parker is heading to Iceland and Ireland. While there, she hopes to connect with the local community and share their Trans JOY and continue to provide a platform for their voices to be heard.

Call To Action - Support The Trans Visibility Project

Here are some ways that you can specifically support the continuation of The Trans Visibility Project.

  • Spread the word- Share The Trans Visibility Project with your community. The project thrives off of word of mouth from mutually safe people. Share the project with your friends and let them know to reach out to Emma Parker Photography to learn how to get involved.

  • Share on Social Media and Reach Out- Check out updates on the project via social media and share. You can find project news on the following platforms.

Wearing rainbows is a nice show of solidarity for the LGBTQIA2S+ community, but if we are to enact meaningful change we need to do so much more. We’re going to need to show that Trans is beautiful, Trans has always been here and Trans DESERVES to be here. World Wide. Period.

Thank you for learning about The Trans Visibility Project and we can't wait to connect soon!


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