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Lisa McLymont, A Columbus Visual Artist

Columbus artist Lisa McLymont is an inspiration to all those who know her. She was the obvious choice to kick this portrait series off. Our paths crossed a few years back, and I think of her often. We had a ball at our photoshoot. We asked her about her year in review and where she sees her art and business moving forward, and we’ll try our best to share her thoughts and amplify her stories.

Lisa’s 2020 had challenges known to other artists; however, she’s always had an interest in social justice and reflecting that in her artwork. This Summer’s protests called her work into action. This call she answered in a medium that really excited her, murals. Her artwork at the Ohio Theatre is a beacon of hope to the Columbus community. She spoke about trying to start conversations in her work turning love into action and action into change. She now has murals all about town, invoking reflection and demanding discussion. Check out her website to see her murals and while you’re there, take in her ongoing Universe Tribe series with some amazing portraits of Angela Davis, Aminah Robinson, and Malala to name a few. 2021 holds a lot of promise for Lisa. She’s expanding her reach and pushing herself in her art. Follow her on insta and keep up with her message in 2021 and beyond. Make sure to be on the lookout for her new piece at Easton coming out this month!

My girl, Lisa, kicks off our #CenteringBlackVoices campaign we talked about in the last post while we fundraise for Brown Girls Mentoring. The sign-up link is now live! Here! Starting today, we’ll be offering 30-minute portrait sessions for $150 dollars, 50% of which will be going to Brown Girls Mentoring. The other 50% covers just our costs to shoot. Normally these portrait sessions would cost roughly $350. If you're not interested in headshots, consider donating directly to their cause on their website.

So, grab your slot while they’re still available and help us reach our goal of $1000.00 for Brown Girls Mentoring which does such important work in our community.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography except those of Lisa's artwork grabbed from her website.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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