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Slammers: all walks one groove

If we've gone out together before, chances are I've suggested this amazing beacon of love that is SLAMMERS. Not only is it my favorite bar, but this badass, woman-managed business is also the best spot in town to celebrate Pride month!!

Slammers Bar & Pizza Kitchen, a lesbian bar in Columbus, Ohio, is the oldest gay bar in Ohio since its opening in 1993. In addition to wonderful food and drinks, Slammers has something even greater to offer: community.

Located in downtown Columbus at 202 E Long St, Slammers aims to be a space where everyone feels welcome and celebrated, and they hit the bull's eye. “We are absolutely open to the all walks, one groove motto,” said Laurie Granger. “We are a queer space, we are a gender-expansive space. We are so much of Columbus in four walls.”

“I feel like a member of a community when I work here and that has just been the best part of coming in these doors,” proudly stated Bobbi Moore, Manger of Slammers. “I didn’t have a community before here.”

The welcoming atmosphere stems from the community already built among Slammers’ staff, who have also found community within the bar’s walls. When we sat down with the crew working that afternoon, we found stories of connectedness. These people were welcomed here and that emanates to anyone that walks through those doors.

So, there you have it! Best bar in Columbus? Best people in the best bar? Best tunes cultivating the best vibes? I'm not sure why you'd stay away ;)

All photos & videos are taken by Emma Parker Photography

For more information, please contact Emma at

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1 Comment

May 29, 2023

We're embarrassed to admit we've never been to Slammers! Gotta fix that soon! Thanks, Emma! 😍

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