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Trans Visibility Needs Community Support!

(Left to Right) Buzz McGowan (They, Them), LuSter Singleton (He, Them), Judah Clayton (They, Them), Damian Singleton (He/His)
(Left to Right) Buzz McGowan (They, Them), LuSter Singleton (He, Them), Judah Clayton (They, Them), Damian Singleton (He/His)

Hey there! I hope everyone's having a lovely #Pride month filled with Slammers pizza and those who love you for who you are. This month, I announced my latest project in support of the #TransCommunity. Since then, we've had an outpouring of love in so many different ways. Many of you have reached out in support and some have even found it in their heart to donate to our GOFUNDME. Each and every action is important and means the world to me. Please allow me to update you all on our progress.

We've finally set our gallery for my #TransVisibility! SHOUT OUT TO @WildGooseCreative in their new space in Franklinton!!!

So far, we've photographed 19 amazing, beautiful, totally unique human souls in my new studio! I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, but I had NO idea how powerful this experience would be even for me. As there is a large age range in these individuals, it makes it all the more powerful that for many it's the first time they've been photographed as a trans individual. Can you imagine the emotions?

Kel Haines (He/Him)

Each individual I've photographed knows others who would be perfect for this project, and to watch it expand and touch more and more people has been rewarding as hell. But something is becoming more obvious...

Ashton Manson (They/Them)

We need more help! If you support #TransRights please consider helping us with this work that is so important in the LGBTQIA + community...I'm not usually one to refer to my work as such, but after witnessing the impact firsthand just photographing them has had, I have to impress on you by sharing each of their stories. It means acceptance, confidence, and so much more.

I've updated the GOFUNDME to help us realize this project fully. The goal is now $6000! Here is the estimated breakdown of costs that need to be covered:

$945 Film Cost and Development for 30 individuals

$550 Photo Paper Cost for Printing

$435 Printer Ink Cost

$1,650 Frame Cost

$500 Gallery Space Rental

Other costs including labor and matting images

If a business or someone you know wants to stand up for #TransVisibility, please send them our way!

Maze Felix (They, Them)

To the LGBTQIA+ Community, thank you for letting us share your stories.

Sincerely, Emma All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography. For more information, please contact Emma at Follow Emma on Facebook | Instagram #FAQ #EmmaParkerPhotography #EmmaParker #film #columbusphotographer #ColumbusPhotography #614 #CentralOhioPhotographer


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