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New Brand, Who Dis?

Brands are like the clothes we wear. They tell you so much about the person wearing them -- who they are, what their story is, and what they care about. When they accurately reflect the experience they provide their customers, they make you feel some sort of way. And if they're not done well, they make you feel like that time you saw your teacher at the grocery store when you were a kid -- awkward, surprised, and disjointed.

Photo by Amy Ann Photography

Anyways, my brand started to be very distant from the experience I work so hard to give my clients. I want them to walk away feeling energized. I want them to feel the passion I have in my heart for what I do. I want them to radiate confidence in themselves and in their decision to work with me. And simply put, my brand wasn't conveying it.

So after five years, it was time for a refresh. I worked with Catherine Groya, a graphic design artist from Portland (a place you know I'm obsessed with from this Love Letter to Portland), to breathe life into the look and feel of core brand elements and how they're expressed through business cards, the packaging of albums and gallery wraps, etc. We also have a trick up our sleeves for 2019 Stonewall Columbus Pride. In the meantime, go check out Catherine's work here. She just got me. And what an incredible feeling to feel as human beings. Swipe right below to see the before and after!

I hope you enjoy the new digs. It finally feels like the clothes I put on reflect the person underneath.

New EPP Business Cards
New Packaging Tape

New EPP Logo




All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography, unless otherwise noted.

For more information, please contact Emma.

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