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On Centering The Black Community

This Black History Month it’s important to remember that these celebrations of the Black Community can’t just be confined to February. I celebrate the LGBTQ+ Community year-round, not just in June (that’s for sure). If we want to enact meaningful change, we have to acknowledge, center, and celebrate the Black Community 365, but while we work towards that, maybe more ears and hopefully more wallets will open this month in 2021, and if that’s the case and we can help out more now, I want to maximize my impact if I can.

We’ll be fundraising for Brown Girls Mentoring all of February. This outstanding nonprofit is dedicated to empowering one of the most marginalized persons on this earth—Brown girls. Founded in 2016, their mission is to “equip Brown Girls with tools to build her self-confidence develop relationships, resolve conflict, make wise decisions, work in teams, and develop practical life skills.” They want to see every Brown Girl win, and we should all want that, too.

Starting February 8th, we’ll be offering 30-minute portrait sessions for $150 dollars, 50% of which will be going to Brown Girls Mentoring. The other 50% covers just our costs to shoot. Normally these portrait sessions would cost between $350. Be on the lookup for when to book.

***Covid Safety precautions must be strictly followed, more details included in email for booking interest***

What better way to raise awareness for donations than amplifying Black voices? Everyone wants to represent themselves. We’ve reached out to a handful of people we really admire in the Black Community and will be highlighting them this month. They deserve a bigger platform, more business, and more credos. These individuals are business owners we think are killing it, artists spreading rad messages, and lawmakers fighting for change. We hope some lawmakers have time for us, but we’ll understand if their time is better spent elsewhere this month. But business owners and artists could especially use your business and attention this pandemic season.

So be on the lookout for highlights of some awesome members of the Black Community, and be sure to shoot me an email let's find a time for you to come in and get those portraits done AND support an outstanding cause while we're at it. I'm looking forward to sharing these stories and hearing from you!

Oh yeah, and that photo above is our boy, Michael Everton Griffith shot on that Hasselblad film, and provides us with a good sample of what to expect coming out this month. He's not only an outstanding team member, but also a rad musician, check out his latest project, Secondhand Smoke by Mike Geniu$, wherever you stream your music. Peace!

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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