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A Walkthrough of the New Wall Art Design Process

Recently, I’ve started including prints with portrait sessions that my clients can hang on their walls. It’s so important to me that your photos can serve as timeless memories. If you missed my last blog on what portrait sessions look like now, please give it a read; I've explained alllll the changes:

I also wanted to give you a walkthrough of the new process. I’m happy to say that the first few clients have absolutely loved it!!

Justin & Nicole: "Emma made us feel very comfortable with the process by meeting with us both before and after our photo sessions to make sure that she knew exactly what we wanted and to answer our questions. We will definitely be using Emma again to add to our family photos."

I am now incorporating individual design consultations for all of my clients who book portrait sessions. I believe that hanging your photos in your home creates lasting memories, and I want that for all of you. These consultations are designed to be a space to talk about your vision for your home and how we can realize that.

The Process

After you book your shoot date, we’ll schedule a design consultation AND a reveal session. Ideally, this will be a three-week span. The first week will be the design consultation. A week later we'll do the photo shoot and the week after that, the reveal session!

Upon booking, I’ll ask you to find a few walls in your home where you might want your photos to hang. Please take these images vertically and straight-on. This way, we can give you a more accurate design of your prints. We'll also need a measurement of something in the photo (ex. The length & height of a chair). If the photos of your wall are slanted or taken at an angle, the measurements might be a little off. We appreciate you and want to make sure you have the best experience possible!

Below is a photo of our studio taken in this manner. This photo is taken vertically and straight-on, using natural lighting. This is an example of a simple design.

After we receive the photos of your walls, we will create designs that you will be able to see in the design consultation. We'll try a few different options in each spot to give us a starting point for the shoot. Please see the example below that we've mocked up of the studio.

During the reveal session (a week after your shoot), you'll be able to see your favorite designs filled with images from the shoot and give us feedback. Once you approve, we'll have those shipped to you within a two weeks.

Your package will look something like this!

And finally, the most exciting part, fully realizing your vision in your home! With the design shown earlier, here is the finished result hung on our wall.

We are so excited about the new process and can't wait to share it will all of you! We know that it's a big change, but we're hopeful that these shifts will help us cement these memories in special places around your home. So that when you're in your home, it's filled with memories of you and your people.

Pictured is, Tom Lotozo, Studio Manager, holding the print of Linda Schuler releasing the Dykes on Bikes, who was a staple in the LGBTQIA community and strived to create spaces for equality. Linda just recently passed and was a dear friend. We miss her and appreciated all she had done for the community. This print is being donated to Stonewall Columbus.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography + Team.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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