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Why I'm shifting from the digital trend for portraits

Let's face it, technology has been incredibly helpful. We have been able to connect with humans in ways we never could. In the world of photography, technology has allowed us to share captured moments instantly. Chances are if you are reading this, I have had the privilege to capture some of those moments for you.

A Daily Dose of Joy……

As much as I love sharing my photos digitally, I am also a huge advocate for printing them. I know how much it means to me to walk into my home, see photos of my special moments on the walls and get a little piece of that joy in the present moment. This is what I want for my clients, too.

A New Approach

In order for you to receive your digital images, I'm asking you to allow me to print your art.

I'm asking you to display your images on your walls because you deserve that reminder of joy Every. Single. Day. Period.

Go BIG. Go Bold. Print a gorgeous album that can live on your table, so when you’re snuggled up with the family you can relive those moments together.

It will be an investment. It’s one that I believe is worth it because you will be able to celebrate your family moments offline. You will be able to be present. As a photographer, I am hoping I can help guide you in investing in your family.

Wondering how this is going to work? Below is a little explanation of how the new process works. I want to make this as seamless as possible for you.



"Working with Emma is a delight! She brings boundless energy to every session! We worked with her for our engagement photos, our wedding, and for family portraits with our twins when they turned a year old. In each scenario, she was confident and was just as good at working with our parents as she was with our babies! It was nice when she did the family photos that we also received a finalized, printed product that was ready to hang on the wall. Emma made us feel very comfortable with the process by meeting with us both before and after our photo sessions to make sure that she knew exactly what we wanted and to answer our questions. We will definitely be using Emma again to add to our family photos." - Justin & Nicole

"Victoria and I could not have asked for a better experience with Emma from the first meeting we had with her in her studio in Columbus to all the way to last call at our Tennessee wedding ceremony. Yes, she traveled 7 hours down to Tennessee to be with our crazy family to make sure WE were taken care of and now have every amazing moment to relive whenever we want through her work.

Emma’s energy is contagious. The moment we walked through her studio doors, we felt like family. We literally hung out like we were old friends catching up. We sat down and had drinks, and the only thing she was focused on was hearing all about us. We told her all about how we met and how we had just recently bought a home together. She was all about it. You can’t go wrong with Emma and her crew, because they are passionate about hearing your story and capturing it in a way most may never consider. We are so thankful for her time as well as her friendship and all the work she put into working with us…." -Greyson & Victoria

The New Process

What now comes with a session? Lets plan!

  1. Initial “get to know you”

  2. This is a time for you to share what you are wanting. How can I capture your vision?

  3. Design

  4. Your turn to take a picture! Send me a glimpse of your blank slate and I will create a custom design for your space.

  5. The Fun Part

  6. Photo Time :)

  7. Reveal Session

  8. We get to meet and reveal that no longer a blank slate…exactly as we planned in your custom design session but with your images.

  9. Time to Print

  10. After selecting your products, it’s time to print. Your art will be delivered to your home within two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Initial Reservation Fee?

  • When you book a session with me, you’ll pay a $200 deposit. Guess what? Later you have the opportunity to use this as a credit. Keep reading… I will tell you how.

Can I do Prints and Digitals?

  • Of course! To do this, you hit a minimum fee and you will receive your digital images.

  • How do you hit this minimum?

  • Pay it outright or hit it by buying physical products

  • How is this Different Than Before?

  • More quality time with each client

  • Lasting memories in more ways than one

  • The total package

What kind of products do you offer?

Thank you

Thank you for believing in me, trusting me, and allowing me to capture you and your family. Now, it's time to take this leap together. I appreciate all of your support!

The B& W photos above were taken by Tom Lotozo on his film camera of me in my studio. :)

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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