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OMG, You're Engaged! ...Now What?

You've called the in-laws, cried the happy tears, and danced the happy dance. You're engaged! It is such an exciting time when your favorite human has asked you to be their forever person. I truly believe that there is no greater gift than love.

However, shortly after you share the news on social media, companies immediately begin shooting ads your way. These subtle messages continue to pile up until it feels like the universe is telling you to drop stacks on stacks to ensure your day is Pinterest-perfect. So, before you're sucked into the deep, dark hole that is The Knot or Wedding Wire, hold your person's hand, tell them you love them, and enjoy being engaged!

Once you're ready to start making decisions about what you and your partner want your day to look like, take it one step at a time. Think about your must-haves. Talk about what you picture in your head when you say "I Do." Then, keep reading for a few recommended steps you can take

regardless of what type of wedding you're envisioning. They're baby steps, I promise.


Book your venue. Browse a few and book the one that gives you all the feels. Keep in mind that the date you have in mind may already be reserved. So, take a breath and be flexible if the venue truly is one of your must-haves. If the date's more important than the venue, then move on to the next!


Columbus Zoo (for the cute factor)

The Mohicans (for the adorable cabins)

Dock 580/Juniper (for the foodies)

The Vue (for the urban charm)

Taylor Mansion (for the character)


Book your photographer. (You knew it was coming, didn't you?!) Photographers are just like venues and tend to book up about one to two years in advance. So if there's a photographer who you've been dying to capture your day, call them up. If you vibe well, (and trust me, this part is really important -- you'll spend just as much if not more time with your photographer the day of your wedding than you will with your partner!) get that deposit over and snag them sooner rather than later. And hell, if photos are what matters most to you, then maybe even book them first. Here's more tips on what to look for in a photographer.


Book your entertainment & videographer. These two components -- entertainment (DJs and bands) and videography can also book up pretty quickly. If you've always pictured a certain live band at your wedding, reach out to them. If you dream of re-living your wedding day through a video montage, contact a few.


Studio 58 Media for videography (they're amazing to work with)

DJ Axcess for entertainment (who also happens to be the official DJ for the Columbus Crew)

Once you've taken these three steps, take the ones to follow as they come. Make your day your own and keep in mind what matters.



P.S. If you're interested in more wedding planning tips, check out this template for crafting the perfect day-of wedding timeline. Or if you're just here to feel the love, I think you'll enjoy this one on 10 little moments every wedding photographer adores.


All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma.

Follow Emma on Facebook and Instagram.

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