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The Wedded and Wistful

If you’ve just tuned in, we were just photographing the Wedded and Wistful. No, this story isn’t about changing spouses. It’s about having all the parts of a wedding that spark joy.

Weddings can be un petite stressful to plan sometimes, but in a pandemic, I’ve seen the tops of the gaskets blow. There are plenty of people it works for, (Covid Weddings) but for others, there are compromises that feel unfair and challenges that seem insurmountable. If you feel in the latter camp, there are some ways I think I can help. Enter the beautiful story of the Wedded and Wistful, who will remain anonymous.

The Wedded and Wistful had a wedding they’ll cherish forever. Sure, it looked different then they dreamed, a lot of things look a little different through the reality-of-the-pandemic lens. It was a beautiful home ceremony they chose instead of their reserved date at Jorgenson Farm.

Fast forward a few months to their best friend’s wedding at THE Jorgenson farm. While the bridal party was getting ready, I learned about the missed connection this couple had to this place. With the permission of the bride and groom, we pulled them aside for a few photos where they got to feel the magic like it was their special day again. Sometimes we find healing we didn’t know we needed; you know? This couple still adores their wedding day and all the people that worked hard to make it special. Nothing will change that. They’ll remain anonymous, and perhaps they’ll read this and smile. There were tears, the kind that come with healing and growth, and it was stunning. Since then, we’re getting a date on the books to bring out the wedding dress and tux and have a lovely shoot.

So maybe you’ve made some compromises this wedding season or think you will soon. That doesn’t have to mean you can't have those photos you’ve always dreamed about in places where your love feels even more whole. It doesn’t mean you can’t hang a canvas wrap above your mantel you’ll cry those sweet, loving tears over. Let’s put something on the books and get dressed up in your favorite places.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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