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That's a wrap; Trans Visibility Gallery SUCCESS

WOW! What an amazing weekend we had. The #TransVisibilityGallery was such a huge success, and we owe it to all of our lovely participants for being so open in sharing their stories.

This two-day SOLD-OUT gallery was a success because of the community coming together. There are so many people to thank, and it's important to me that we take the time to highlight everyone who made this incredible weekend possible.

My first thank you goes to the participants. My love and the communities love for you is strong. Each of you is beautiful, loving, and living your authentic life. Thank you for being you.

Now, to the rest....... to everyone who purchased tickets, donated through the GoFundMe and Venmo. A special shoutout to Bake Me Happy for funding the space, Parsons North Brewing Co. for the beer, Zach Ford for video, Midwest Photo for helping print the images, Jessica Love for the gorgeous flowers, and Equitas Health who funded over 20 tickets for trans and non-binary humans to attend. Thank you to my dedicated staff (Tom Lotozo, Mike Griffith, Kay Tompkins, and Layla Alshaer), Karlee and her wife Jen, Mary Jo Tompkins, Hannah Parker, Katie Papesh, and Ryan Kiehl for working long hours to make this show possible. All of our love goes to Wild Goose Creative for believing in this gallery and allowing us to use the space. And finally, to my wife, Taylor Kiehl, who is always my biggest supporter/listener/brainstormer/hype woman and loves me unconditionally.

I appreciate all of you.

The Trans Visibility two-day gallery at Wild Goose Creative was sold out both nights with over 200 guests and $6,000 in donations raised to make it possible. The gallery featured 27 trans and non-binary individuals photographed from Central Ohio using a Hasselblad 501CM medium format camera. None of the participants had seen their final image before the gallery's opening night........... which involves some serious trust, and I am forever grateful. Quotes from each participant were displayed next to their image to further drive the message home about what it means to be visible. A panel discussion led and moderated by trans, and non-binary individuals helped keep it authentic and genuine.

We are excited to share that 15% of ticket sales went to one of the participants to go towards their #TransHealth. After the panel on Friday night, Staley Munroe's name was drawn as the winner, and she was awarded $725.16! YAY!

Staley Munroe (She, her, hers) pictured first. Presenting the check is Emma Parker and her mom, Mary Jo Tompkins.

The gallery was interactive featuring a light table set up displaying film and an iPad used to view the film color & B&W negative images. Attendees could view more images from the participants' photoshoots besides the one image hanging in the gallery. There was also a "love wall" where attendees were asked to write a love note to the trans and non-binary community. These interactive elements made the gallery experience more personal and brought people together.

After this weekend, my inbox is FILLED with messages, showing love, appreciation, and wanting this show to be more than just two days.... (trust me, I hear you-we want that too). “..Even as a trans person, doing advocacy, I sometimes forget that I am not alone and that my story intersects with so many others,” stated one attendee via Instagram messenger.

The outpour of love from the trans and non-binary community and the support from several donors helped make this show a success. It’s just the beginning, though, and there is still so much more work to be done. We must stay diligent and continue to create a safe space for all humans because that is a fundamental human right. Let's continue to hold onto the joy, momentum, love, and community we felt this weekend and continue to feel now.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who donated to and supported this project. If you want to become more involved with the trans and non-binary community consider connecting with, Felicia DeRosa, one of the participants and an active member of the community, who hosts "T" Talks at Wild Goose Creative and is a great resource as well as MoZaic, a community health and HIV protection center.

Sending all my love,


All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography. For more information, please contact Emma at Follow Emma on Facebook | Instagram #FAQ #EmmaParkerPhotography #EmmaParker #film #columbusphotographer #ColumbusPhotography #614 #CentralOhioPhotographer


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