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Courtney Heibel; Wedding/Event Planner Extraordinaire

Planning a wedding or any party can/is a daunting task. Many expensive decisions are made with very little expertise on behalf of the decision-maker. As someone who frequents/captures many special moments for humans, planning an event isn’t all it's caked up to be. (See what I did there..) That’s where Rooted Together steps in and hands you an adult beverage or a cuppa tea and tells you to relax- they have it all under control.

Courtney Heibel, a woman-owned local business, and creator of Rooted Together, a wedding and event planning company sat down with us as we scarfed delicious waffles topped with everything you can think of, and discussed what it was like to run a wedding planning company during 2020 and what her plans are for 2021.

Wedding Planners or as I like to call them, “Bull Dogs” for the day, take all the stress off of you and make it their job to tie everything together. Have you ever had an officiant not show up on the day of a wedding? Have you ever had the fire alarm pulled while attending a wedding? Have you ever had the hotel threaten to throw out your bride-to-be on the morning of her wedding? How about the wedding venue close because of COVID and never open again? I have seen it all. A wedding planner is WORTH every damn penny. Wedding planners put out the fires, wedding planners coordinate with all the vendors, wedding planners help keep you on task, wedding planners discuss budget, the list goes on...Stress- is not something you want to experience on an already heightened day. “I want to provide full service to my clients,” stated Courtney. “Providing full service for my clients allows more room for creativity as well more intention on covering the client's needs.

2020 was the year of growth, not only for Courtney’s business but also personally. With COVID shut-downs and lots of unknowns- Courtney navigated and helped provide support to her wedding clients. It was a tough time to be in the wedding industry. As a wedding photographer myself, many of us vendors were scrambling to make ends meet. “We had to get creative,” stated Courtney. For 2021, Courtney is now offering event planning services, with packages catered to the client's needs, whether it be a birthday party, wedding shower, etc. she can provide her services. As for personal growth, Courtney refers to her relationship with Him. She wouldn’t necessarily say she is religious but more, “spiritual.” He helped Courtney get through 2020.

As 2021 continues to be a lot of “unknowns” Courtney, acknowledges that the community, her clients, as well as her side-kick, Andrea Thomas, helped her pull through. If you or know someone who is looking to plan a major event, then connect with Rooted Together and see if they can provide a sense of Peace. From what I have seen, you won’t be disappointed.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

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