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How To Be Inclusive On Your Wedding Day

Imagine this: you get asked to stand beside one of your best friends on their wedding day and they ask you to wear something you don't identify with...a dress, a suit...Let's throw out the gender norms here. So much of our identity is expressed through fashion, and it's high time we talked about making sure those in the wedding party feel included on your special day. It doesn't have to be taboo anymore: We're talkin' bodies today, shouts out Tove Lo.

It's 2021 and high time we're discussing how to take an age-old tradition of weddings and make sure everyone involved in them feels included and confident. Grab your best friends you've chosen to stand by your side on your special day and have an honest conversation about expected attire. This is where it starts. You don't have to tackle LGBTQ+ inclusion, body image issues, and gender norms for all of society in this convo, but these couple ideas can make everyone feel included, and your wedding slap.

1) Ask, "How does everyone feel about wearing a dress/suit? If you're not comfortable wearing one, we can talk privately about something you'll feel confident in. " This will help you get a sense of what your group is comfortable wearing and lets people know you put them over norms.

2) Pick a looser color palate than a strict one. This gives people a wider range of options to help everyone pick clothing that actually fits them.

3) Consider where you're asking people to buy/rent their garments. Some big-name places aren't very inclusive to different body types *cough* Chiffon and genders *cough* Men's Warehouse. Now, those places may service your party well if everyone's on the same page, but if not, don't be afraid to put a little work into finding a spot that includes any and all. There are plenty. Pursuit is committed to making suits for men and women. It's also a rad, local business here in Columbus.

And for the final product! Mmmm, *chefs kiss*

There's so much to play with when it comes to planning schemes for wedding attire. Why box yourself in with tradition and gender norms? I promise, you and all those attending your party, will shine brighter in clothes that they can feel confident in.

Ahhhh, the inclusion; everyone looks so chipper. Fashion is such an expression of identity. And in a world where uniformity is drab and out, pick a way that helps everyone shine their brightest. I’ve found we don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for inclusion either. In fact, if I’m being honest, those are the most beautiful weddings, where everyone feels like themselves.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

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