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Here's How to Cozy up to the Camera (AKA what to do with your hands)

When most people see lights, watch me pick up a camera, and hear "action," they turn into freeze tag champions. The flash of a camera washes over them and everything that comes natural washes away. And unless your last name rhymes with darkashian, it is 100% normal.

If you're a little worried about an upcoming shoot or you just need a little peace of mind, keep reading. And remind yourself that I've got you.


If you'll be taking photos with another person, like your fiancée (congrats, by the way! Read this before you go any further), your family, or your colleagues, remember to be gentle with them. Chances are that they'll be a bit nervous too, and therefore, hypersensitive to your words. Do everything you can to not critique their outfit, pose, or smile. (Kids included!) I've seen too many vibes killed too early on in a shoot because of a comment or joke. Your role is to be fun, supportive, and loving. I'll handle the rest!


You know how people have "unplugged" weddings to mitigate any risk of their guests being crazy? Well, consider every shoot an "unplugged" shoot. Put away your phones, leave your Apple watch at home, and do everything you can to be in the moment. Photography exists to capture moments -- be present for them.


You. Do. You.

And that means wearing something that makes you feel the most like yourself. Unless that something is footie pajamas. (Which, on a personal note, if footie pajamas make you feel the most like yourself, can we be friends?) But seriously, don't rock something that you aren't sure about. Plan in advance so you know that from the moment you step foot on a shoot, you're going to feel beautiful. Put on that outfit you know you love or treat yourself to the outfit you've been drooling over. (Go ahead, use the shoot as your excuse.)


You know why a dance floor is always packed when the hokey pokey comes on? Because the song tells people what to do. And everyone's biggest fear is not knowing what to do with their hands when a camera is fired up and in front of them. If I'm your photographer, I promise you that you'll never have to ask me what to do with your hands. I'll pose you in a way that is going to make you look BOMB. And if I can sense some nerves, we'll do something fun and carefree to get you to relax, like throw on your favorite jam and dance it out. All in all, leave the posing up to me. I told you I got you!


The most important tip I can give you is to choose the photographer you feel the most comfortable with. It doesn't matter how well versed you are in posing or how present you are if you just don't feel like you can let your guard down with this person. Do your research, meet with your potential photographer in advance, (here's a few things to know before you go) and check in with yourself afterwards to see how you feel before making a decision.

That's all for now! If you're considering hiring a photographer soon, check out my FAQs or shoot me a message. I'd love to vibe over a cup of coffee.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma.

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