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Havana Great Time Photographing the People of Cuba

I'm lucky to live in a city that loves and appreciates art as much as I love dedicating my career to it. And when I get to hone my craft surrounded by other humans who motivate and inspire me, well, hold my camera, I'm packing my bags.

Because of a grant I received through the Greater Columbus Arts Council, I was able to travel to Cuba for the Mystic Seminars Photography Workshop and learn best-in-class practices from world-class wedding photographers. This is the second workshop I've attended, but the first one (and clutch my pearls if it's my last) spent on the Norwegian Sun Cruise (with a full day in Cuba).

With a lot of sunscreen and only my yellow Hasselblad 501cm film camera in hand, I was dedicated to returning home with renewed inspiration and applicable lessons in hand.

And with the help of my incredible roommate, Erum Rizvi, who is a phenomenal wedding photographer in D.C., (and who also uses my favorite new tagline, "authentic imagery for badass people) I came home with more than I thought. I was challenged, supported, empowered, and enlightened.

For my fellow photo nerds: most of these photos were taken with a little light push from Stella Pro Lights thanks to their rep, Heidi!

For more on my travel adventures, check out this piece on how we traveled to Switzerland for free.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma.

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