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Wedding Feature: Danny & Caitlin Grimsely

He got down on one knee.

Took her hand.

And asked her to marry him.

She cried.

And through the tears, she said, "yes."

It was June 24th 2017 when Danny Grimsely asked his then girlfriend, Caitlin Murphy, to be his wife. As far as Caitlin was concerned, I was there to photograph Danny's adorable little niece and sister. (Side note: I've hidden in a lot of discrete places for surprise engagements, but I must say that not having to hide in a bathroom stall or lay on the floor is a real win.) At the end of the pretend shoot, Danny surprised Caitlin with the real reason we were all there -- to see these two lovebirds start their next chapter.

It brings me so much joy to be a part of people's lives throughout their most pivotal moments. It's like seeing the highlight reel of people's lives. And fourteen months later, as I arrived at the Drury Inn & Suites, where Danny was getting ready to marry Caitlin, I was so excited to see the next scene in their reel.

Taking photos of clients getting ready can be one of my favorite moments with them. It's a natural pause in the day that allows me to connect with them before the energy and noise of the day sets in. It sets the tone and helps people feel more comfortable if we didn't get a chance to do engagement photos beforehand. (Here are more tips to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, too!)

After Danny "iced" his groomsmen, I headed over to the Caitlin's room to photograph her getting ready. Caitlin was an absolute knockout in her Hayley Paige dress from from Ivy Bridal.

Then came time for the "first look." It was one moment I will never soon forget. Scroll through the photos below to see Danny's incredible reaction to seeing his bride.

Then, it was time to bop around town and make the most of the day.

We loaded up the party bus and headed around the city. As a photographer, the gift of time and flexibility is the best thing you can give me. Danny & Caitlin gave me full reign for an hour to take them anywhere. So, I took them where any photographer should go when they have an hour with a couple all dolled up... on a brewery tour. After stopping at Fox in the Snow in Italian Village to get them some yummy treats, we headed out on the town.

(Side note, if you are a photographer and you take your clients to a local business to use their property as a backdrop for your photos, it is polite to purchase something from their business.)

sWe had the wedding crew head over to Seventh Son Brewing so we met them there for a round of pre-wedding drinks.

Next, we loaded up the party bus and made one more stop to Land-Grant Brewing before getting back to the venue to get hitched. After some clinking and drinking (and a few sandwiches from Ray Ray's Hog Pit) we headed back.

The three photos from above were taken on my film camera with Kodak Gold 35 mm film.

Caitlin and Danny's wedding took place at Copious, a stunning wedding venue located in the Brewery District.

Caitlin & Danny then headed off to one of my personal faves, Dock 580. It's full of natural light and overlooks the city. Below is a glimpse at their wedding reception.

Please make note of Danny's amazing shoe change for the reception. Who says brides are the only ones who can have two outfit moments?!

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma.

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