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Allison + Heidi

“... I surprised her. She kept expecting it on a vacation or an out of town weekend. But, I had other plans. On the weekends we tend to eat breakfast on our front porch and plan what we want to accomplish over the weekend. So that was my plan - she wouldn't expect it. And she didn't....”

Emails that start out like the one above, are my favorite. I am normally pouring over my emails early in the morning over a cup of coffee, and it's emails like this.. that start my morning off right.

I'll share just a bit more of the email..(this is the part where I teared up)

"Once my nerves calmed and I had my wits about me, I wrote her a love letter and left it on her pillow for when she went to bed. (I was already asleep). This may be her favorite part. It followed my tradition of writing her love notes anytime she leaves town or I want to tell her something (like "I love you" for the first time) that I struggle to say in person."

Allison + Heidi's wedding will go down as one of my favorites for 2017. The two of them knocked it out of the park when it came to the wedding planning + details. Of course they had their trusty side kick, Jennifer Drew with STR Events to help along the way (she's an amazing wedding planner if you need one).

Below are some photos from their big day along with a list of the vendors provided below.

Wedding Location: In their back yard with the help from Terra Nova Garden Design to get everything ready.

Reception/Venue: The Vue - they work exclusively with Metro Cuisine for catering. Liz was great in helping coordinate everything.

Attire-Dress/Suits: Mina Gown by BHLDN (Heidi); and custom suits by Bindle & Keep (Allison). Her suits really deserve the credit. We loved picking everything out, and one of the founders is from Bexley, OH (even though they are based in Brooklyn, NY now).

Flowers: Flowerman - They had fun creating everything and then putting it together DIY-style with their families the day before the wedding.

Cake: Pattycake! All vegan and delicious!

Rings: Allison custom designed Heidi's ring. She purchased the stone at Green Lake Jewelry in Seattle, WA. They worked closely with a jewelry store near Allison's hometown to design hers. Her family has been buying jewelry there for years and years -- Herrick's in Oberlin, OH

Hair: Lindsay Wolf - She is just the best! She did hair and make-up for both brides. They met her in Columbus, but she now lives in Portland, OR, and has a great business there. And another shout out to The Blowdry Cafe. They styled hair for many of the family members and guests.

Makeup: See above

Wedding Planner: Jennifer Drew with STR Events - they couldn't say more great things about Jennifer. They didn't worry about a thing - she is so thoughtful and organized.

Wedding Ceremony Designer: They worked with Bill Glazer to design the ceremony - another thoughtful and well-organized person. He thought of things they would not have considered.

Officiant: Jeff Blitz - a very dear friend

Headpiece - My head piece was a custom piece from Columbia (the country). Heidi's co-worker's sister has a shop with amazing pieces.

Nails - They had a fun day at Lacquer. They brought their families & food. They were very helpful to coordinate timing for all of us.

DJ - Platinum Music (Justin)

Pizza and Donuts - Buckeye Donuts, Cottage Inn (Allison's Fave) and Adriotico's (Heidi's Fave)

Chalk Signs - Emma Gilbert

Videographer - Ginger Attack They couldn't find anyone willing to turn their video around overnight - a big thanks to this team to who able to do - and it was great!

Winer/Beer Distributor - Raj Hora @ Carfagna's (the grocery store, not restaurant)

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact, Emma at

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