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7 Days Until the TransVisibility Gallery!!!

Wooohooo!! As we approach the #TransVisibility gallery, there are some exciting updates to share with y'all. Most importantly, Friday night of the gallery is SOLD OUT! There are limited tickets left for Saturday evening, so get one before they're gone.

Next, we have received the F2 Permit for the event, so there will be complimentary adult beverages thanks to Parsons North Brewing Company!

Last, but not least....we are starting to print and frame the images for the gallery shout out to MIDWEST PHOTO. Ahhhhh!!

Pictured Sage Lescalleet (They/them) with Lisa Fleming (Mother)

A reminder that the show dates are Friday, September 17th, and Saturday, September 18th at Wild Goose Creative in Franklinton. The event will go as follows:

Friday 9/17:

  • 4 PM- 5 PM private showing for trans and non-binary participants

  • 5 PM - 9 PM Open to the public

  • 6:30 PM Speeches by Participants

  • 7-9 PM DJ Set by DJ Moxy Martinez

Saturday 9/18:

  • 6-10 PM Open to the public

  • 7:30 PM Speeches by Participants

  • 8-10 PM DJ Set by DJ Moxy Martinez

If you are unable to attend the event but still want to be involved, you can still donate to the gofundme. Remember that 15% of the proceeds are going to one of the participants.


As I'm sure most of you have heard, Columbus has reinstated their mask mandate. In order to follow protocol and keep all you beautiful humans safe, we are asking that masks be worn at all times unless actively drinking. The rainbow masks pictured above will be provided at the event. Thanks in advance for helping to keep our community healthy.

I'm so excited to show you what I've been working on. Each and every soul I've had the pleasure of capturing through my lens has helped shape and mold my perspective on the strong, resilient, vulnerable, and overall amazing #TransCommunity

Thanks again for supporting this project, it truly means the world to me.

To the LGBTQIA+ Community, thank you for letting us share your stories.

Sincerely, Emma

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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