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A Letter to my Wife

On April 22nd, 2017, everyone celebrated our world. On that day, I celebrated mine, too. Mine has a little more sass than yours may have and she sure as hell has enough light within her to light up the solar system. I celebrated Earth Day by marrying my great love, Taylor Kiehl.

Surrounded by the smell of coffee and the love of our family and close friends, I married my love in the living room of our home. There were flowers all around, sunshine filled the room and the sweet sounds of my little niece provided the perfect background noise to our vows. My sister officiated and our mothers told sweet stories of their hopes for us. It was quaint, intimate, organic and all that is "us."

Here's an open letter to my wife. May it bring a little extra love to your day and perhaps inspire you to hold your loved one's hand a little tighter. What can I say... I'm a sappy, heart-eyes-emoji newlywed :-)

Dear Taylor,

On April 22nd, I gave you my heart. With this gift, I promised to love you, believe in you, build you up when you are broken, and try each and every day to make your world bigger. Just like you make mine.

It all started over a cup of coffee. I was nervous. Unsure of who you were or how it would go. Then, in walked this beautiful human being. Not only were you as stunning as you were in pictures, but you were radiating this wonderful energy from your heart. We sat there in the cafe and you told me about you, your family and your dreams.

It only made sense that we got married with our close friends and relatives over coffee. Taylor, you have been my best friend, my go-to travel partner, my confidant and my personal “hype girl.” You grounded me when I felt lost and scared. You have made me a better person.

I love you so much Taylor. Here's to many more memories over "coffee talk" to come.

And without further ado, the photos!

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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