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Willed Existence: A Month-by-Month Transition in Photos

"People fear what they don't understand."

-- Andrew Smith

It's been proven time and time again. From children discovering their surroundings to adults discovering new people, history has proven that we fear what we don't understand.

For the past three months, I have been documenting a female-to-male transition. Will Varnum has shared his transition journey online through social media. And now, I want to share a small glimpse into his journey that he's so graciously invited me into.

Why? It's important that people understand more about the trans community. I am hoping this photo project can provide more insight into the trans community and the struggles and triumphs they encounter along their paths. Even if it just helps one person understand their brother, sister, partner or friend a little bit better, then this will be worth it.

Follow will along his journey: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Will opens up honestly about his coming out and hormone replacement therapy while taking the opportunity to educate through Q&A sessions and interview with other members of the trans community. (His vlogs are a MUST-SEE, people.)

{m o n t h: o n e}

{m o n t h: t w o}

{m o n t h: t h r e e}

And, just for fun, meet Lucy, Will's family's pup. Expert greeter and amateur photo bomber.

That's all for now. Please continue to follow Will's journey at the links above and share this with your friends or family to educate and motivate change.

For more inspiration, check out this lil number on some badass, inspiring women.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information please contact Emma at

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