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10 Little Moments Every Wedding Photographer Adores

Every person who has ever attended a wedding can name their favorite parts. The moment eyes lock as one walks down the aisle to the other. The moment two are announced as one. Or perhaps the moment the bubbly kicks in and the shoes are kicked off.

Then there's the photographer. We're watching the big moments, the little moments and every glance, giggle and gallop in between. But there are some moments that make us grasp our cameras then grasp our hearts.

Here are the moments that make us do our happy dance.

{o n e}

Maxine & Anthony Wanzer // Falmouth, MA

When clients shake off the nerves of the day and let loose, their photos reflect the magic of the day. And if you're having trouble relaxing in photos, make sure you have a photographer by your side to put on some tunes for a thirty-second dance party. (More on what to know before you book your photographer here.)

{t w o}

Molly & Colin Armstrong // Columbus Ohio

Your big day isn't a game of beat the clock. When you give your photographer plenty of time for creative portraits, it allows them plenty of opportunities to capture the authentic you.

{t h r e e}

Rio & Jeff Rusch // Columbus, Ohio

Get up close and personal! We love when couples take the time to write personal letters to each other that emphasize the meaning behind the big day. Too often, couples want to rush through the ceremony and get on with the party. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for moving and grooving. But taking the time to tell your person how much they mean to you will result in moments like the picture above.

{f o u r}

Tara Waldier & Holly Thome // Lake Lure, NC

Dance your happy hearts out. Leave it all on the dance floor. Get down and groove.

When couples boogie their butts off, everyone attending is far more willing to shake what their mommas gave 'em. Having the entire wedding party out on the dance floor can be a true night-topper and seals the deal as to why being a wedding photographer rocks.

{f i v e}

Jenna and Joe Adams // Columbus, Ohio

Mustaches, glow sicks, signs, stunner shades, crazy hats... you name it. Let yourself geek out. Because scout's honor it will result in a one-of-a-kind moment. I mean, I can bet that no one else but Jenna (above) has a photo from their wedding day of them intently playing giant Jenga with one helluva beard on next to her equally hairy bridesmaid.

Simply put, give everyone a chance to have fun.

{s i x}

Emily and Sam Evans // Destin, FL

Let the tears roll. Don't be afraid to show emotion and open up in front of your photographer. We know it isn't always easy to do with a camera nearby. But when you do, I promise there's nothing quite like it.

{s e v e n}

Jennifer & Patrick Flood // Columbus, Ohio

Even if mother nature isn't on your side, stay positive. Ohio is notorious for experiencing all four seasons in one day and it's hard to plan what the weather is going to be a year in advance. It's our job as photographers to keep calm and carry on, but it helps when the couple says, "oh well" and keeps on keeping on.

{e i g h t}

Maxine & Anthony Wanzer // Falmouth, MA

You probably spent quite some time planning your big day and the day of your wedding is the day to show it all off. Photographers love seeing that you went the extra mile in planning out your wedding.

{n i n e}

Chris & Dale Daniel // Columbus, Ohio

We LOVE when you are just your adorable little selves doing your thing. Acting as if the photographer isn't there can help us capture the best-of-the-best moments.

{t e n}

Stephanie & Nick Orlando // Columbus, Ohio

We love when you truly trust us. Your photographer will make you stand or pose a certain way that will most likely feel awkward. Chances are that they are posing you to highlight your best qualities while hiding your weakest. Trust that your photographer knows what they are doing. Don't worry, we got you.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information please contact Emma at

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