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Our Campfire Experience (And Why You Need One, Too!)

We outgrow a lot of things we probably shouldn't.

Kickball, recess, show-and-tell, stories before bed, picture books, hide-and-go-seek, and, most importantly, designated nap times, just to name a few.

But when in the world do we "outgrow" campfires? As far as I'm concerned, Girl Scout graduation shouldn't equate to the elimination of s'mores, cozy campsites and experiences in nature with the ones you love. And lucky for us, The Campfire Experience feels the same way. They bring out the inner children, free spirits and adventurous souls within us all by renting out vintage-inspired teardrop campers and furnished Bell tents. Because although it's probably a good thing we outgrew those baby pink long johns, there's no reason to forgo a campfire experience. Scouts honor. ​

Why we went | Appreciation, clarity and energy. Appreciation for nature and my relationship with the stunner below, clarity prior to the holiday chaos and after the election and energy for my passion of photography.

What we learned | Shopping local meets the gift of adventure? Done and done.

From the get-go | Amy with The Campfire Experience treated us with the utmost hospitality. She event showed us how to hook and un-hook the camper to the truck. Amy, you saved us more time than you know!

Life's better bundled | The snack game was on point thanks to the nifty option of ordering the food beforehand. More deets on this below.

Where we stayed | Hocking Hills State Park

Favorite trinket | We were loving this vintage viewfinder with snapshots of our trip to California. I had the reels made by this company called RetroViewer. Cue all of the feels.

Interested in renting the teardrop camper? It includes bedding, four classic flicks, a book, kitchen supplies, a flashlight, AC, a 19'' Flatscreen TV with DVD Player, CD Player and bluetooth and more special surprises!

For a little extra, they offer bundles that make life a little easier. Their outdoor living bundle supplies you with two 60's inspired print lounge chairs, a folding side table, waterproof rug, and cozy throw. The Campfire Experience even partnered with this cute little grocery store in the North Market, Little Eater to offer breakfast and snack bundles that are prepared for you right before your trip. Taylor and I decided to have the grocery shopping done for us since we were low on time and wanted to hit the road. Everything was ready for us when we swooped the camper. Perfecto!

You'll need to snag firewood, camping chairs, food, an iron skillet for cooking over the fire, good books to read, a heated blanket to cozy up to (there's no heat, just a heads up) and hiking boots if you plan to explore.

A special shout-out goes to my beautiful girlfriend (and muse) for allowing me to take photos of her every move on this special trip. To read more about her and other strong women who inspire me, click here.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information please contact Emma at

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