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It Takes a Village: Dale & Chris

Sometimes you just see that spark.

That spark during an engagement or wedding session where you know the two in front of the lens will make incredible parents.

And you could spot it from a mile away with these two.

I have known Dale and Chris for about three years now. I photographed their engagement photos for Outlook Magazine then captured their love yet again at their wedding. (Adorable pictures can be found here.)

You can expect the joy I felt when Dale and Chris reached out to me and told me they are on the journey to growing their family. Creating a beautiful family within a heterosexual couple is already hard enough. Put two dads in the picture and things can get preeeetty complicated.

Dale and Chris are in the midst of trying to navigate through the complex (and pricey) baby process. I received an email from them back in March asking if I would be willing to donate a photography session to their fundraiser on May 9th at Seventh Sons Brewery from 6-9pm. (There will be a silent auction & 50/50 raffle sooooo I better see you there.)

Of course my answer was a speedy "yes." I thought back to the spark I saw the moment my eyes peered behind the lens of their engagement session and my heart immediately yearned to help. Any money raised from the fundraiser will be used solely for surrogacy or adoption. Also, shout out to the Family Pride Network of Central Ohio, a new but incredible organization who has helped Dale and Chris along the way.

Simply put, these two fellas would be wonderful parents and I hope that one day they have the opportunity to raise a family. So keep an eye out on my Facebook Page for a link to their GoFundMe Page (launching soon!) and join in for a brew at Seventh Son. Let's bring the community together to let the world feel a bit more love.

And, on the topic of love, here's a few photos to bribe you into going:

If your heart isn't at max capacity, take a look behind my lens at this incredible wedding. Otherwise, we'll see you May 9th. Actually, either way, we will see you MAY NINTH.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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