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Hannah Parker, Lady Boss of Woodworking

Hannah Parker, pictured in her woodworking studio

Female business owners in male-dominated professions and industries might have to work harder to shine amongst their peers. Hannah Parker, with Parker Home Creations, does just that- I think Hannah’s work speaks for itself, but I'd love to help profile her business as she kicks off our March fundraising effort to empower female-owned businesses. These are businesses striving for excellence in often male-dominated industries where women have to work harder to excel. This month is about lifting up those awesome ladies who are doing more to shift their industries and set good examples for our #Columbus girls.

So what makes Parker Home Creations stick out more so than any other? Hannah's attention to detail. As her sister, and also her biggest fan, I can't stress her "ballerness" enough. I've hired Hannah for countless woodworking projects. Pictured above is a shelf and bar top she designed, crafted, and installed over the last couple of months. Hannah bases her design, the type of wood, and functionality on what would be best for that space and client. She thrives off the details involved with custom furniture.

Parker Home Creations within the last two years has really taken off. Going to school for woodworking and construction management. This has always been a passion. However, now, she's making a go of it full time.

Her favorite wood to work with is the majestic walnut. Arbor of the God’s, her words, not mine.

Every piece of wood has a story and the woodworker's magic is their ability to tell that story through their craft. "If you go into anyone's woodworking shop and you ask them for their favorite piece of wood, they're going to pull out some piece of that they have had stashed away and are just waiting for that perfect project to use it for," Hannah said as she pulls out a piece from her own stack that shines and shimmers in the light. ... "look how pretty that is."

This month, we’re focusing on profiling a handful of awesome women business owners in Columbus. These are women striving for excellence often in male-dominated industries that we admire. After reading about them, I’m sure you will too. Let's help lift these ladies up and keep them going for their dreams. Thank you, Hannah, for having us out to your space.

Have any custom woodworking needs? Then look no further, Hannah's your girl.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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