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A Grandview Staple; Featuring Fine Feather with Diana Wang

Meet Diana Wang, Owner, and Entrepreneur of Fine Feather, a Grandview staple. Fine Feather is a clean beauty store/retailer and it specializes in clean skincare, makeup, body, hair, and living. This is one of the ONLY stores in this part of the Midwest that provides products that are Clean (nontoxic, natural) & high-performance. Fine Feather's defining trait is with their skincare and is what they are most known for by their customers. Last week, we visited Diana’s store and had the chance to chat with her about Fine Feather, what a woman-owned business means to her, as well as how she handled the past couple of months with shutdowns during COVID.

Diana’s passion has somewhat led to an “obsession” in regards to research and knowing her product. You see, Diana doesn’t carry big named brands that you see in cosmetic stores at the mall. Each brand is carefully chosen to be featured in her store.

“It takes a lot of time and research to know where the product comes from,” Diana told us. “I want people to know that what they are using is ‘clean.’” To be honest with all of you, I’m not one to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. I leave it up to my wife to do all the skincare shopping. You want me to put this on my face before I go to bed? Cool. However, I never stop and read the back of the labels, and honestly, I don’t think Taylor, my wife, does either. But Diana does.

She knows the products inside out, and she understands that there aren’t FDA regulations as if you were buying food at a grocery store. Her products at Fine Feather are “clean and vetted to make sure they are up to performance standards.” Fine Feather excels at making sure you walk out feeling educated and most importantly, that you realize you’re worth the investment and time. “This isn’t just a make-up store,” stated Diana, “but a wellness store.”

Diana’s dedication to her product shows the minute you walk in the door. She knows her customers. My assistant, Tom Lotozo’s girlfriend, Kelsey, and her roommate, Summers, are frequent shoppers and have developed a friendship. It was actually their idea that we feature Diana Wang, and I’m happy we did so.

Diana’s store, Fine Feather, is beautiful. “I want people to feel a sense of calmness when they walk through the door,” mentioned Diana. The natural light comes in just right, the hardwood floors cleaned up from the previous tenant, and a colorful, unique, wall mural gives a nod to her fashion roots in NYC where she and her husband lived for about a year. The move back to Columbus also brought a change in business. Diana is proud of her woman-owned business here in Grandview. Give it up for our lady boss owners who work hard to excel.

This pandemic has humbled a lot of business owners all over the world. To see small businesses, especially women-owned, navigate this time with grace is so fulfilling.

Know where your money is going! Shop local.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact Emma at

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