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Wife Hack: Today We Celebrate You, Emma.

Emma: You've been hacked. By your wife. Mwahahaha.

Friends, family and strangers: Today is Emma's birthday and I want to share a few things with you to celebrate the wonderful human we have all come to love.

Everyone knows the common saying "you must learn to love yourself before you can love another." But through my own personal journey, I can say that this does not always ring true. What you must do is surround yourself with people who will take the time to encourage, teach, inspire emphasize why you are worth being loved.

My wife Emma Parker is that person for not only me but many others.

It is a common thing for us to be out and about and for Emma to see someone who she knows. What is amazing about it is that all these people come from every facet of her life. Whether they be from work, school, her childhood, volunteer efforts or just someone she started that one conversation with that one day at that one place, they all have the same reaction. When they see Emma, they look as if they have run into their best friend after miles and years apart. You can see on their faces that at some point, Emma has made them feel good about who they are, encouraged them to embrace their individuality and inspired them in some way just as she has done for me. As I watch these interactions unfold, I feel proud.

Proud that my wife can be that person that shows others how to love themselves like she has done for me.

Emma inspires us all to be better humans, but most importantly, she lets us know it's okay to not be perfect and that we are all in this journey together. A beautiful journey where we are all connected in some way, shape or form, and that there is so much love out there to be shared. Each and every single day, she is selfless. But today, we celebrate her. On this day, a few years ago, our universe gave us a beautiful soul. We were given someone that makes us feel at peace with ourselves and provides us with the understanding that learning to love yourself is a process and it does not mean we can't love others at the same time.

Happy Birthday Emma Parker. The world is a better place because of you.

All photos are owned by Emma Parker Photography.

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