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Behind The Lens: Mrs. & Mrs. Hannen

When "date wars" end in an engagement, it's pretty clear who takes the (wedding) cake.

And although that prize went to Jamie, it's clear after this wedding that they're both the lucky ones.

Meet Jamie + Kimberly Hannen. I photographed their engagement downtown and knew their wedding was going to be a blast simply from the way they interacted with each other. It was sweet, playful and everything that is quintessentially "them."

On January 14th at the Columbus Athenaeum, Jamie and Kimberly became Mrs. & Mrs and once again I was able to see the beauty in their relationship unfold through my lens. And even through some not-so-fair weather, these two kept all of their focus on the true prize they'd been competing for: a day unifying their families and friends.

Here's a look behind the lens of yet another wedding I was honored to capture.

Cheers to you, Jamie and Kimberly! For more on how your wedding photography can turn out how you've pictured it, read this lil' number on 10 Little Moments Every Wedding Photographer Adores.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information please contact Emma at

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