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{g i v e a w a y} 'Tis The Season To Be Like Lily

Sometimes we just need to have a little faith in humankind.

Trust me, I get it. It's not always easy. The countless cat videos on Facebook can restore a little of it, but sometimes we need more.

I was at home editing photos when I received a text from my fiancé (ah!) Taylor informing me of an alleged armed gunman on the Ohio State University campus. My mind went to Taylor's sister and the many other students cramming for finals when I saw a girl running down the street through Clintonville. It was clear she could be a student, so I waved at her and asked if she knew about the situation on campus.

She stopped, told me she was on her way back to campus when a bicyclist told her to turn around. She didn't know where she was nor did she have a phone on her to update others and make arrangements.

After inviting her into our home, I learned her name was Lily, she was a sophomore living on campus at OSU and that in times of need, sometimes we just need a phone to call home with and someone to talk to.

Lily wondered how she could repay me. I told her that wasn't necessary and asked her to simply pay it forward. Several days later, I received the card above on my door with the last line stating "P.S. I'll be sure to pass on the random act of kindness."

In the spirit of paying it forward, and Lily's kind message, I want to spread a little more cheer this holiday season.

{w i n} Please nominate a friend or family member you would like to receive a FREE, one-hour portrait session, valued at $350, in the Short North, German Village or Clintonville. Quick, simple, easy.

{h o w} Nominate someone you admire or someone you think deserves a free session by tagging them in the comment section of this post on my Facebook Page or this post on my Instagram account. Feel free to explain why you think they deserve it! Please no self-nominations... this is your chance to spread a little cheer and pay it forward. If you need some inspiration as to who to tag, this little number on a few badass people in my life may help jog your memory.

I will announce the winner on my Facebook Page by January 5, 2017. Happy holidays!

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information please contact Emma at

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